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  In the garage is information and pictures of almost every car I drove with a little history. Check back as I am always adding cars from my past. Click on a link below to go right to the car.

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BEAST Midget: 2003-2005

Chassis: 2001 BEAST Midget
Weight: 943lbs without driver
Engine 166ci Gearte 4-cylinder engine (Chevy) All Aluminum
Wheel base 76" Center to Center
Wheels: Weld Wheels
Tires: Hoosier or American Racer Racing Tires
Suspension: Pro Aluminum shocks Coilovers, Blue Coil Springs
Brakes: Wilwood Calipers Rear, Performance Machine front, Vented rotors rear, Ultra-lite front rotors, US Brake Master Cylinder
Body: Fiberglass and aluminum construction
This car was purchase in March of 2003 from Tony Ave. I decided if I was going to race with UMARA I needed to upgrade my car to be more competitve. Shortly after buying this car I found out I was going to be moving back to Boise. I fitted the car with my Fontana engine and Sweet rack & Pinion steering. I only ran the car twice in 2003. For 2004, I sold my Fontana and bought a Gearte engine. The Gearte had a little more horsepower than the Fontana and more accessability to parts.

Midget: 2002

Chassis: 1997 Jack Rich midget. Converted for pavement by Quinn Racing
Weight: 1050lbs without driver
Engine 166ci Fontana 4 cylinder engine
Wheel base 76" Center to Center
Wheels: REAL & Duralite 10" RR, 8" LR, 7" Fronts
Tires: Hoosier or American Racer Racing Tires
Suspension: Carrera and Pro shocks Coilovers, SSS springs
Brakes: Wilwood Calipers and Vented rotors, Wilwood Master Cylinders, Troyer pedal assembly
Body: Fiberglass and aluminum construction
Purchased this Midget the beginning of July and started to convert to a pavement car. I used what I knew with the sprint cars and applied it to the midget. My first race was July 13, 2002 and I had a blast. We had some vibrations with the car and had some setup issues we needed to get through but all in all had a good first outing. By the end of the UMARA season we improved with the car quite a bit and look forward to winter improvements. Biggest things we need to work on to make this car competitive is reducing weight and changing some pick points.


The Supermodified: 92-99

Chassis: 1988 Hyder Hawk Modified by Quinn Racing--Chrome moly Construction

18" of engine offset to the left. Engine tilted at 40 degrees
Weight: 1850lbs with driver 60% of weight on lefthand side 60% on the rear
Engine 92-96 "Blowfeldt" Chevy 355, Brodix -8 heads, 12:1, Roller cam, Hilbourne injectors 550hp Built By: Bryants Custom Engine Machine
Engine 96-98 "DR. NO" Chevy 355, Brodix -8 heads, Flat tappet, 13.5:1, Hilbourne injectors 630hp, Built by: "DYNO" Dean Waltman
Engine 99 "Goldfinger" Rodeck 415, Alan Johnson heads, Roller cam 14:1, Kinsler injectors, 785hp Built by: Chris Zootis Racing Engines
Wheel base 94" Center to Center
Wings: 2400 sq in. Composite top wing 500" Composite nose wings
Wheels: MRT Carbon Fiber Wheels 18" Right Rear. 14" LR & RF, 12 LF
Tires: Hoosier Racing Tires
Suspension: Carrera and Pro shocks Coilovers, Carrera Springs 4 link suspension
Brakes: Wilwood Calipers and Vented rotors, Wilwood Master Cylinders
Body: Fiberglass and aluminum construction

This supermodified was purchased from Gordon Tyler out of Salt Lake City in 1991 and before we got the car it was piloted by: Kenny Hamilton, David Hamilton, J.T. Ryals, T.J. Nish.

The plan was to run this car in Washington Open Wheel (WOW) where we successfully campaigned our Grant King roadster. When we got the car it had independant front suspension and the engine was at 45 degree tilt. We tried to get the carburator required by WOW to work at that angle but had no success. So after we melted down the engine at Yakima we decided to run the rest of the year with the Supermodifieds.

I ran this car for 8 years and loved this car. We could run semi-competively with the 355 we had but it wasn't until we put Dean Waltmans 355 in the car that it really became competive and we were a force at Meridian. In 1999 we recieved an engine from Bar D racing to run the season with and this made the car dominate at Meridian. We set fast time every night except for one ( magneto went bad), broke an 7 year old track record, won the Diamond Cup and the season championship.


Chassis: 97' Tognotti Down tube
Weight: 1510lbs without driver
Wheelbase 84" center to center
Wheels: Weld Wheels
Tires Hoosier Racing Tires
Suspension: Afco Adjustable Aluminum body shocks and Springs. Wilwood brakes and tilton master cylinders
Engine: Chris Zootis 360 cubic inch Chevy, Cast iron block, Kinsler Injection, Peterson Oil system, Olsen Aluminum Pan, 690bhp @7500
This is the Bar D sprinter owned by Don Newman. This was a beautiful car to drive and had a fantastic engine in it. I ran this car for 6 races toward the end of 99 with the Western USAC Sprint Car series. We had a little success with this car, finishing 5th at Madera, but it was a blast to drive. I wish I had more time to work with this car and get it right. We made way to many changes to it and dialed ourselves out more often than not. Unfortunately my ego got in the way and I no longer drove this car.

THE BAR-D RACING USAC Silver Crown Car 1999

Chassis: 98' BEAST
Weight: 1540lbs without driver
Wheelbase 96" center to center
Wheels: Weld Wheels
Tires Hoosier Racing Tires
Suspension: PRO Adjustable Aluminum body shocks and Hypercoil Springs. Wilwood brakes and tilton master cylinders
Engine: Chris Zootis 360 cubic inch Chevy, Cast iron block, Kinsler Injection, Peterson Oil system, Olsen Aluminum Pan, 690bhp @7500
This is the Bar D Silver Crown Car owned by Don Newman. WOW!!!! This was an awesome car to drive. My first experience driving this car was in practice at Irwindale the week before the USAC Silver Bullet race. Practice didnt go well at all. I crashed the car twice backing it into the wall, mangling the 75 gallon tail tank. Luckily it didnt leak any fuel out. The next week we ran the car in the Silver Bullet race and got some much needed help from Brad Noffsinger on setup. That made the difference in the night. We won the semi race and went on to finish 11th in the main running right with 6,7,8,9,10th. Unfortunately my ego got in the way and I no longer drove this car.


Dyno Dean Waltman's Super Six 6"

Chassis: Homebuilt San Jose Slider built by Walt Calkins
Weight: 1900lbs without driver
Wheelbase 92" center to center
Wheels: Diamond Steel Wheels
Tires Hoosier or Goodyears Racing Tires
Suspension: Cross leaf springs, Pro Shocks
Engine: Dyno Dean Waltman 250ci straight six Chevy. 1-Barrel carburator
Dean and I have been great friends going on over 10 years now. I can honestly say that when he purchased this car nobody thought that it was going to be as fast as it was. But Dean is one of the best chassis guys I know and equally the best non professional engine builder I know. This car proved everyone wrong. When all other 6 cylinder cars where lightweight newer sprint cars offset the maximum 8" this car dominated the class. Dean won 3 championships with this car and made a season with the super modified class at meridian. I drove this car one night in July 1999 the day Deans daughter got married. Since he was unable to compete he let me drive this car and WOW was it fun. The Six Cylinder class is one of the best classes for anyone looking to race open wheel cars at an affordable cost. The night I ran this car I was second quick time, would have won the heat but I brain farted, and I won the main event in convincing fashion by over half a lap. This was a typical night for this car. It was engineered beautifully and tweeked for maximum performance. It was a pleasure to drive this car


Super Six 6" offset Roadster 1987 - Present

Chassis: Homebuilt 6" offset roadster built by Ardon Dunker
Weight: 1840lbs without driver
Wheelbase 88" center to center
Wheels: Marsh Steel Wheels
Tires Hoosier or Goodyears Racing Tires
Suspension: 4 torsion bar VW, Pro Shocks
Engine: Bryants custom engine machine 230ci straight six Chevy. 1-Barrel carburator
The white car out front is our Super Six. This car was purchased in March of 1987 and was an old Supermodified. My dad and I changed the car into a Super 6 to race at Meridian. This was my first attempt at racing an open wheel race car and also my first shot at building one. I had a lot of help on this car from Steve Hake. Steve was one of the best Super 6 drivers around and was instrumental in getting this car done for us. I took the old 6 cylinder 230 out of my 67 camaro and had Jim Bryant of Bryants Custom Engine Machine go through and do his tricks to it. My first race with the car was fun and not too bad finishing 5th. The rest of the season went horribly. I crashed this car every single race until 3 guys sat me down and changed my life. From then on I was fast in this car. In 1988 I finished 2nd in 7 main events out of 10 and had only 1 DNF. That season we finished 2nd in points and had a great year. In 1989 I ran this car as both a V-8 WOW car in Washington and as a Super 6. The car was fast again and we won our first main event. This car has also been driven by some great drivers besides myself. Randy Bauer, Steve Hake and Dean Waltman. We still own this car and hope to restore it someday to its original condition


Mike Davis's #99 offset Roadster. 92-94

Chassis: Bellfiore
Weight: 2050lbs with driver
Wheelbase 89" center to center
Wheels: Marsh Carbon Fiber Wheels
Tires Hoosier or Goodyears Racing Tires
Suspension: Coil over, Pro Shocks
Engine: Big Block Chevy 427 cu in, fuel injected, methanol
I ran this car for Mike Davis out of Ontario, Oregon. This was the same car that David Hamilton of IRL fame drove to the Northwest Supermodified championship in 1987. I started running this car for Mike when I lost the engine in the 4x car at Yakima, Washington. I needed a car to run at Meridian so Mike offered and I accepted. The first race out we finished 4th and had a good night. The next race was the Bob Naylor/Steve Hake memorial race. I was leading the race with 10 laps to go and turned the dial-a-jet the wrong way and basically flooded the engine. I fixed the problem and finished fourth but it was a very frustrating. We won some races with this car and ran it off and on from 92 -94. I took it to Phoenix in 94 and had problems but some fun.


Grant King 6" offset Roadster.

Chassis: Grant King 6" offset roadster
Weight: 1940lbs without driver
Wheelbase 90" center to center
Wheels: Centerline Aluminum and Carman 18" RR steel
Tires Hoosier or McCreary Racing Tires
Suspension: 4 torsion bar, Carrera Shocks
Engine: Bryants custom engine machine 355ci Chevy. 4-Barrel carburator on alchohol
Quinn Racing purchased this car in the spring of 1990 from Jerry Pinkston. The car was campaigned as a Super Modified for over 20 years and driven by Glen Naylor at one time. We bought this car with the intention to race it with Washington Open Wheel (WOW). We used our Super 6 with a stock v-8 to run with them the year before and had some success. We decided to purchase a car dedicated to running with them and try and be more competitive. Steve Hake was again instrumental in getting this car setup and going. This car initially ran its first race in Wenatchee with no success. We were running gas and just couldnt cool the engine enough. Finally Steve Hake let me borrow his alchohol carb to run the rest of the season and the car took off and really ran good. I set track record at Stateline Speedway in Idaho and always ran in the top 10 in WOW. In 1991 we made some drastic improvements to the car and engine and had some great success with the car. Our first trip to Victoria BC raceway to run a co-sanctioned show we set fast time against 30 other cars. We ran 5th against the Supermodifieds at 1991 Diamond Cup with a 2 barrel carb. Won the 1991 4th of July Spectacular against the Supermodifieds at Meridian Speedway. Won the WOW mid Season championship at Ephrata, Washington. Set the track record at Tri-Cities raceway for WOW 4/10ths faster than anyone else. In August 10th, 1991 this car was destroyed at Tri-Cities raceway competing against the Supermodified. Brian Smart driving Rebel Jacksons famous #6 tried to get under me going into turn 3 and bumped my left rear. Anyone who has raced at Tri-cities knows that if anything happens in turn 3 you are going to the fence and my car did hard. The car was totaled and I was transported to the hospital with a broken knee cap.

1970 AMC AMX Super Stock 1985-1986.

Chassis: AMC Javelin
Weight: ??
Wheelbase 110"
Wheels: Steel Wheels
Tires McCreary Racing Tires
Suspension: Stock Springs front -- Leaf Rear
Engine: AMC 401cu In
This is a car my dad purchased in 1983 to run with the Coors Suicide 33 series which was basically an open comp stock car show on 7" tires. The car was converted to a Super Stock in 1986 and fitted with a Chevy 283cu in engine to run at Meridian. We never really had luck with this car but it was fun to own something different than the norm.. AMC is not thought of as a good race car.

1971 Opel Cadet Station Wagon.

Chassis: Opel modified by Quinn Racing with an AMC Rear End and V-8 Engine
Weight: Lite
Wheelbase 94" center to center
Wheels: Steel Wheels
Tires Hoosier Racing Tires--Firestone front tires
Suspension: No suspension at all..
Engine: Quinn Racing modified AMC 401cu in race engine out of our street stock
All I can say about this car is WOW.. This car was the creation of Myself, Tom Doering, Jamie Campbell, Darren Uriarte, Ken Long, My Dad and a whole bunch of other people I am missing from the high school class of 1986 of Borah High School in Boise, Idaho. We took Tom Doering's dads Opel Station wagon took the engine out and put in a 401cu in engine with a 3 speed transmission. An AMC rear end was put in with a ratio of 3.32. When we first tested our monster it was fast, but it had no brakes.. AHHHHH.. it took me quite a while to stop in my dads neighborhood in the dark with no headlights. Over the winter we modified some things and decided to give the car a test race. We went out to Blacks Creek Road to race a local guy with a Big Block Chevelle. There were about 100 people there to watch me get my ass kicked by this guy. When I fired up the car to get it off the trailer everyone was laughing at it. Then when it fired the throttle stuck wide open. It took us awhile to find the problem but we did. A piece of dirt got lodged down the carburator when we were getting it out of my dads back yard mud pit. So now they were really laughing. But when I got in the car and reved the engine and dumped the clutch the car took off and fire came out of the headers. At night it looked really cool and everyone was very impressed. We made a good test run before we raced the guy and broke the throttle. But after that experience we made it legal to run at the drag strip to compete in the High School Drags at Firebird raceway. When we practiced with the car it ran a 12.9 second pass at 100mph. That was very good for a car some high school kids built for $50. When we ran the high school drags in the spring we went to the final round with this car for bracket 1 and lost to a motorcyle.. But that spring Borah High School won the high school drag championship and I think most of that revolved around my friends and this car. My friend Jamey Campbell won the race that year..


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